Danio Connect is a platform that bridges the gap between businesses and nonprofit supporters. We are pulling together a community of organizations that serve more than 3 million people and their families.

This platform provides a new way for nonprofits to stay in contact more effectively with their members, donors, supporters, and the people they serve. Through Danio connect these organizations can learn more about your business helping you reach a broader and interested audience.



Tami Sims

Vice President

Marketplace Sales

After 11 years in technology sales, I realized the importance of the connections within my personal and business life. I have owned 4 businesses, each one dedicated to helping others, but I wanted to connect businesses and consumers in a deeper and more meaningful way. I’ve improved my clients’ lives through dance and fitness, and continue to indulge my love of interior design through decorating others’ homes and ensuring that they come home to a sanctuary each day. In recent years, I started Rehoboth Beach Bums, an endeavor which allowed me to offer convenience to folks who would rather unwind and relax on the beach than run an errand for snacks and sunscreen.

When I first learned about Danio Connect, it resonated with me as a means to reach a wider audience to improve their lives. I sold my Rehoboth Beach Bums business to join the Danio Connect team, and I am dedicated to making the world a better place through providing technology to connect those in need with those who want to help. When I’m spending time with my family or relaxing with a glass of wine, I can end each day knowing that the work I did helped bring together a community of like-minded individuals and organizations who want to help.