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7th Annual 5K Run/Walk

The 7th Annual 5K Run/Walk will take place Saturday, March 7, 2020.

The 7th Annual atTAcK addiction E-Racing the Stigma 5K is so much more than just a race; it’s a movement. Comprised primarily of participants who have been personally impacted by the disease of addiction by either overcoming an addiction, having lost a loved one to addiction, and/or currently living with an addicted loved one, it has been described as a spiritual experience. The crisp March air is no match for the warm feelings of love, camaraderie, and acceptance the participants experience as the course winds them through picturesque Old New Castle and through beautiful Battery Park along the Delaware River.
Proceeds from the event will benefit atTAcK addiction, a grassroots 501(c)(3) charitable foundation established to assist individuals and families impacted by addiction. The organization provides support for recovering addicts and their loved ones, advocates for policy changes, educates families about opiate addiction and treatment options, works to prevent drug use, and strives to end the stigma of the disease
Category: Recovery, Advocacy, Education, & Support
Our mission is to raise awareness about the disease of addiction. Through educating communities, assisting families in their quest for information and supporting those in recovery, atTAcK addiction seeks to remove the stigma of addiction by affecting positive change in Delaware.

The main purpose of the group is to educate and bring awareness of addiction as a disease, rather than the stigma that is suffered in shame by the person with the disease and their loved ones. Attack Addiction seeks to educate by speaking at schools, prisons and any other venues where there is an interest in learning more about the disease of addiction. We strive to bring real and effective change to existing drug policy, We are not a support group, but we end up supporting those in recovery, those who have a loved one in recovery or those who have lost a loved one to the disease.

We focus our efforts on the following strategic pillars….

  • Education and Awareness
  • Communication/Outreach
  • Policy
  • Treatment and Recovery
  • Fundraising
In February, 2018, atTAcK addiction celebrated 5 years since the Keister family founded this organization.....Together we have been able to accomplish so much! Our focus is Delaware and we are all volunteers - atTAcK addiction has no paid employees - 100% Volunteers!