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New Home

After 20 years and over 2,000 adoptions, CompAnimals Pet Rescue needs a new home!
We were notified by our landlord that he wants to sell or create a long-term lease. We’ll only have 90 days’ notice when he finds a new tenant. We’re trying to look at the glass as half-full, because a new space could be excellent for our adoptable animals.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our Needs-a-New-Home campaign online, in person and at local events throughout the year. We want to provide you with an update on the fundraising efforts and what’s next.

We are still working hard to raise money for the new home, but in the meantime, we are going to do some improvements at the current location. These improvements will improve the space and provide for larger, open areas for the animals. We are writing grants for funding, but still need to raise the funds for the fencing projects. If you know of anyone, a group or company, that could help in funding or installation, please email us at We plan to:
  • Expand the cat room enclosure
  • Enhance and secure the small animal fenced area on the side of the building
  • Build a large, fenced area as a play area, meet and greet and training area in the grass area beside the shed. We are talking with fence companies to see if we can get donations of fencing and supplies.
We are still under-served by our current facility, at risk of being homeless when it sells… and… still need a new place. We are not giving up. This is no small undertaking! We created a GoFundMe page to dedicate donations specifically to this cause. Please contribute to this one-of-a-kind fundraiser! No donation is too small – with enough $5 donations, we WILL achieve this goal!

As fate would have it, a “dog” property (former world-renowned German Shepherd breeder), 1 mile down the road, has been for sale over a year. We are willing to fix it up and make it shine again, and we are calling for contributions to afford the purchase! Our dedicated volunteers and adoptable animals say THANK YOU!!

If you would like to go further and become an advocate for this cause, we’d love your help! Please submit a volunteer application and we’ll contact you with more details about promoting the cause at events, schools, birthday parties, etc.
Category: Animal Adoption
CompAnimals Pet Rescue is an all volunteer, “no kill” rescue.

Our mission is to take in unwanted, abandoned or abused dogs, cats and other small pets; to place those we can in loving, permanent homes; and to provide a sanctuary for the animals whose age, health issues or temperament precludes them from adoption. Our dogs and cats are neutered, vaccinated and receive all necessary medical treatment before being made available for adoption.

Through our volunteers and outreach programs, we educate the next generation about the importance of spay/neuter and giving a lifelong home to their pets. We hope to one day put ourselves out of business but until then we will continue to rescue regardless of breed, age or medical condition.

Top 5 Reasons to Support CompAnimals:
  1. We are your local, community-based animal rescue. We have 20 years of service under our belts and are dedicated to serving animals in our region.
  2. We are known for our matchmaking skills. We spend a lot of time reviewing applications and calling references so that we set up every animal and their future family for success. When we say we’re seeking forever homes for the animals in our care, we mean it.
  3. We offer coaching and support after adoptions take place. We do everything in our power to provide positive reinforcement and guidance with every placement.
  4. All of our efforts are volunteer-driven. Your donations go directly to helping animals in need.
  5. We take chances on animals that have nowhere else to turn, regardless of age, medical condition, breed or history.
"We had a great experience and we were able to rescue a wonderful senior dog. Thank you, CompAnimals." - Bob G., Facebook