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Remote Monitoring Systems Can Give Caregivers Peace of Mind

'Big Brother' tech at CES will help adult children keep a watchful eye on aging parents from afar
When Ryan Herd's 73-year-old father had cancer and other health concerns a few years ago, Herd was worried but knew his dad wasn't likely to tell him about any problems that might arise.

"We're talking about the ‘greatest generation,’ " Herd says. “They believe you should never be a burden on anybody. So if you call and say, ‘How are you doing?’ they're always going to say that they're fine.”

This realization inspired him to start Caregiver Smart Solutions, which sells a system of small Peace of Mind sensors that can be placed in a loved one's home to track their habits and alert you if something is out of the ordinary.

"If they suddenly start getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom five times, that could be a sign of a urinary tract infection,” Herd says as an example. “So you might say, ‘Let's go down to the clinic and see what's going on.' "

Herd is exhibiting his sensor system at CES, the massive annual consumer electronics show this week in Las Vegas. His is just one of many tech companies here showcasing monitoring systems whose point is, as Herd puts it, “to answer that age-old question [about a loved one]: How are they doing?”

If adult children can be reassured that their parents are OK and immediately be alerted if they're not, they'll feel better about Mom and Dad living independently at home as they age, company representatives say. And that's something that the vast majority of people say they want to do.

Here's a look at the latest in home monitoring devices, some just introduced at CES.

• Electronic Caregiver's Premier, what the company calls a “mobile security and care support system,” is a wrist device that includes activity monitoring; an emergency button; a GPS locator to make the system useful to more than homebound clients; and medication reminders.

• CarePredict, a digital health company located in Menlo Park, California, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, unveiled the CarePredict @Home Kit, which comes with a waterproof wrist device called the Tempo Series 3, two swappable batteries and four beacons along the same lines as the Peace of Mind sensors. The system picks up on small changes in a person's daily activity patterns by sensing movement and other factors, including the amount of humidity in the air — a lack of which might indicate that Mom or Dad hasn't showered lately and be a cause for concern.

An accompanying app allows family members to receive alerts, check a colorful activity tracker that rates their loved one's activity on a scale from 1 to 10, and coordinate care. Available online, it sells for $449.99 plus $69.99 a month for the home app subscription.

Activity sensors
• Caregiver Smart Solutions. When company founder Herd tried to use a camera in his dad's home, his father covered it up with a dish towel.

"People don't want anybody watching them,” he says. “They don't like that 1984 stuff."
'If they suddenly start getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom five times, that could be a sign of a urinary tract infection. So you might say, "Let's go down to the clinic and see what's going on." '
— Ryan Herd, Caregiver Smart Solutions
That's why Caregiver Smart Solutions forgoes cameras for movement sensors to track a loved one's activities — everything from whether they've used the coffee pot to how much they're watching TV. Herd and others in the monitoring business point out that sensors are an improvement over the simple emergency call buttons, which are of no use if a loved one can't press the button because of losing consciousness in a fall or having a stroke.

This week the company announced its new Deluxe+ Monitoring Kit, $299 plus a $49 subscription fee, with sensors in five rooms, temperature and humidity sensors, a range of door motion sensors and more. The company also has more basic, less pricey kits.

• SensorsCall is showcasing its CareAlert “well-being monitor.” Still in development, its sensors detect changes in the home such as movement and temperature after taking about a week to learn a person's patterns, including when they get up and when they go to the bathroom — information that family members can see on an app. The app sends an alert if anything's out of the ordinary.

SensorsCall founder and Chief Executive Fereydoun Taslimi says he started the Atlanta-based company after he and his wife had trouble reaching her mother — their calls to her cellphone went directly to voicemail — and grew worried that something was seriously wrong. With SensorsCall, which also functions as a two-way communication system, if you're worried about your mother, “you can press a button and say, ‘Hey, Mom, what's happening?’"

By the way, his mother-in-law was fine. Her phone battery had run out.

One app modification the company is working on: A button for the grandchildren to tap that says, “I'm thinking of my grandmother.” A light on her monitor will turn a particular color.

"Then the grandma thinks, ‘Oh! My grandkid is thinking of me!’ " Taslimi says.

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The mission of Oasis Senior Advisors is to reduce the time and stress on seniors and their families when searching for alternative living options. We will make every effort to determine what makes each of our seniors unique and provide guidance so they may find a ‘perfect fit’ that best suits their needs.
Can I give 6 stars? 10? All of the kids lived too far away to help my parents look for the right place. Lynn was AMAZING I really can't say enough nice things about her. She read my parents so well and found the exact place to match their personality and budget. They felt way more in control of the situation going to look at apartments with a realtor instead of being dragged around and nagged by their kids. She was amazingly supportive to both me and my parents. We all felt a part of the process.
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